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 Democrat for Loudoun

Sri Amudhanar

Sri Amudhanar

Sri came to America in 1988 as a student of State University of New York at Stony Brook and received an MS in Systems Management. He earned his BS in Electrical Engineering in India. He has worked as an IT solutions provider and small business owner in Virginia since 1997.

Sri has provided IT services and professional training to small businesses, large enterprises, medical institutions, manufacturers, and the government, including defense. To give back to the community, Sri joined as volunteer with the Industry Advisory Committee for Information Technology of Northern Virginia Community College, and was elected to serve as its Chair.

Sri and his wife Dagmar have been married for 23 years. Coming from different countries they met in New York and decided to start a new life together in America. They have lived in the same home in Ashburn for over twenty years since 1998.

 When the connected few receive favored treatment from the County, the rest of us in Loudoun County bear the burden of that loss to the County. My focus will be on: the transparency of decisions and performance, balance between efficiency and services, and diversity in ideas and opportunity. 

 Delegate John Bell

John Bell

Delegate John Bell

 Sri Amudhanar has resided in Loudoun County for more than twenty years. He has an impressive resume having worked with industry and government providing business process solutions and technology services as a senior executive and a small business owner.

He has been elected to serve a second term as the District Chair for Ashburn with the Loudoun County Democratic Committee. In this capacity he has shown remarkable leadership, hardwork and dedication.

I strongly endorse Sri Amudhanar for the Democratic Nomination for the office of Loudoun County Commissioner of Revenue.

Sri is a meticulous professional who has the skills and integrity that Loudoun County must have in this critical position and I fully endorse his candidacy. 

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 Supervisor Kristen Umstattd

Kristen Umstattd

Supervisor Kristen Umstattd

  Sri has enviable experience in applying the latest technology and best management practices to solving financial challenges in the private and public sectors.  

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 Mayor Kelly Burk

Kelly Burk

Mayor Kelly Burk

  I have met with Sri Amudhanar during Democratic Committee meetings in Leesburg. Over many engagements, I have come to appreciate Sri for his openness, integrity, dedication to his commitments, and his intense desire to make progress.

Sri is intelligent, and with his many years of professional career serving business and government information technology needs, I am sure he can bring Loudoun County into the next generation in capability and services.

I am happy to endorse Sri Amudhanar strongly as Democrat Candidate in 2019 for the office of Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue.  

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 Delegate Sam Rasoul

Sam Rasoul

Delegate Sam Rasoul

  I am glad to endorse Sri Amudhanar with great enthusiasm for the office of the Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue.

I have met with Sri as an attendee in the classes I have taught. Sri has a very quick mind and has a sharp analytical skills due his extensive experience as an IT Consultant to government and enterprises for over decades as a small business owner in Virginia. His experience with financial products and services serves him well in understanding government and enterprise processes.

Sri has proven these skills by committing to build Ashburn District Democrats as Chair of the district, from a small team to one of the best functioning and best staffed volunteer teams in Loudoun County.

I am looking forward to seeing Sri Amudhanar successful in his election as Commissioner of the Revenue in Loudoun County and to see Loudoun County succeed under his leadership. 

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