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Commissioner of the Revenue

Please support & vote Sri Amudhanar for Loudoun Commissioner of the Revenue on November 7, 2023
Inspired during business trips to America, Sri Amudhanar left India after getting his undergraduate diploma to get his MS in Systems Management at Stony Brook University. He previously worked to implement national technology mandates for banking in India.
After living in Manhattan for many years, he relocated to Virginia in 1997 as an IT solutions provider with his own business.
Sri has received government certified training and worked on AI projects, Big Data, and Massively Parallel Computing systems for government projects.
In his downtime Sri served as a volunteer with the Industry Advisory Committee for IT with Northern Virginia Community College and was Chairman for 4 years. He also volunteers with Rotary Club and served as its president for 2 terms. Sri is a musician and performs with charities such as
Sri and his wife of 28 years, Dagmar, reside in Ashburn.

Often called the Real Deal!

Firmly and unshakably committed to Loudoun County as a homeowner in Ashburn since 1998, and as its first new Commissioner of the Revenue in 20 years.
He has worked in the federal acquisition and program management space and will bring the rigor of federal processes to Loudoun Revenue operations.

Starting in January 2024, Sri will -

1. Ensure continuity in Loudoun Revenue Office operations.
2. Improve Revenue Office employee retention and job satisfaction by prioritizing strategic planning, training, and growth opportunities.
3. Build operational stability through leadership and economic changes.
4. Reduce errors through system modernization and additional project management technology.
5. Improve Revenue Office customer service to Loudoun businesses, homeowners, and residents.
6. Dedicate focus to county revenue growth through jobs, startups, and small businesses.
7. Priorize retention of our investment in Loudoun County Schools with local career opportunities for our children.
8. Work with all levels of leadership in the county and state to bring workers, investments, great jobs.

US Senator Tim Kaine

US Senator Tim Kaine

Sri Amudhanar has shown us through his volunteer engagements in non-partisan and political communities that his heart is in service.

His emphasis on economic opportunities, as a candidate for Loudoun Commissioner of Revenue, is aimed at finance as a significant root cause of unfairness, inequality and injustice to people toiling on our main streets.

I am thrilled to endorse Sri Amudhanar and wish him success in his election.

US Senator Tim Kaine's website ...

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton

Congresswoman Wexton

As a resident of Loudoun County for over 20 years, Sri brings a passion to serving our community.

Sri’s professional experience in the financial and technology sector, including providing IT services to Government and small businesses, make him an ideal candidate to serve the residents and businesses of Loudoun County.

I am happy to endorse Sri Amudhanar’s campaign for Loudoun County Commissioner of Revenue.

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton's website ...

Delegate John Bell

Senator John J. Bell

Sri Amudhanar is committed to his responsibilities.

As a long time Virginia business owner in the field of technology, working with industries and Government he is the skilled navigator we need to bring Revenue in Loudoun County forward.

Senator John J. Bell's website ...

Delegate David A. Reid

Delegate David A. Reid

Sri brings decades of experience as a business owner and Loudoun resident to the role of Commissioner of the Revenue.

His collaborative approach provides Loudoun with the next generation of leadership for this key countywide position.

Delegate David A. Reid's website ...

Delegate Suhas Subramanyam

Delegate Suhas Subramanyam

Sri Amudhanar brings the experience in leadership and business to advance Loudoun County Revenue into the next generation.

Delegate Suhas Subramanyam's website ...


Ashburn Supervisor Michael R. Turner

Sri is a hardworking and capable leader. He understands finance and business.

He will empower the next generation of solutions in Revenue for Loudoun County.

Ashburn Supervisor Michael R. Turner's website ...

Broadrun Supervisor Sylvia R. Glass

Broadrun Supervisor Sylvia R. Glass

Sri Amudhanar brings years of experience and knowledge in the finance and technology space as a Virginia business owner for over two decades.

As Commissioner of Revenue, he will serve Loudoun businesses and residents with commitment and dedication.

Broadrun Supervisor Sylvia R. Glass's website ...

Algonkian Supervisor Juli E. Briskman

Algonkian Supervisor Juli E. Briskman

Sri Amudhanar is knowledgeable and experienced in financial, technical and business processes.

As Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue, he will advance the Office of the Revenue with modern methods and deliver results.

Algonkian Supervisor Juli E. Briskman's website ...

Supervisor Kristen C. Umstattd

Leesburg Supervisor Kristen C. Umstattd

  Sri has enviable experience in applying the latest technology and best management practices to solving financial challenges in the private and public sectors.  

Leesburg Supervisor Kristen C. Umstattd's website ...

Mayor Kelly Burk

Mayor Kelly Burk

  I have met with Sri Amudhanar during Democratic Committee meetings in Leesburg. Over many engagements, I have come to appreciate Sri for his openness, integrity, dedication to his commitments, and his intense desire to make progress.

Sri is intelligent, and with his many years of professional career serving business and Government information technology needs, I am sure he can bring Loudoun County into the next generation in capability and services.

I am happy to endorse Sri Amudhanar strongly as Democrat Candidate for the office of Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue.  

Leesburg Mayor Kelly Burk's website ...

Delegate Sam Rasoul

Delegate Sam Rasoul

  I am glad to endorse Sri Amudhanar with great enthusiasm for the office of the Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue.

I have met with Sri as an attendee in the classes I have taught. Sri has a very quick mind and has a sharp analytical skills due his extensive experience as an IT Consultant to Government and enterprises for over decades as a small business owner in Virginia. His experience with financial products and services serves him well in understanding Government and enterprise processes.

Sri has proven these skills by committing to build Ashburn District Democrats as Chair of the district, from a small team to one of the best functioning and best staffed volunteer teams in Loudoun County.

I am looking forward to seeing Sri Amudhanar successful in his election as Commissioner of the Revenue in Loudoun County and to see Loudoun County succeed under his leadership. 

Delegate Sam Rasoul's website ...